A Poker League that’s never Boring!

Time Well Wasted Winner’s Circle – Free Texas Hold’em

Play Texas Hold’em Poker with Time Well Wasted Winner’s Circle Poker League! Find us at bars all over Texas, it’s completely free to play and most of our bars give a great cash prize at the end of each game! Our players enjoy a lively atmosphere, a fun interactive host and lots of food and drink specials. PLUS we do big money tournaments many times each year where you can win $2000 – $5000!!

300,000 Songs Ready to Sing!

Karaoke shows all over Texas

Our Karaoke DJ’s are fun, interactive, and super outgoing, our song library is HUGE, and sound is superb. Like if that wasn’t enough we also have karaoke shows 7 days per week all over this beautiful state. Come Join us to sing some songs, cheer on your friends and have an all out epic great time! Also sign up on our email list to hear about big karaoke and lipsync contests for $$ prizes


definitely not grandma’s bingo (even though we do love grandma)

All kinds of awesome Bingo concepts! it starts with classic, but WILD Bingo where players draw bingo chips from a sac and music plays to go along. Then off to SINGO music bingo where 6 rounds of themed bingo have songs instead of numbers. Or choose our super popular mexican bingo game LOTERIA for beany fun! During sports seasons we play sports bingo where instead of numbers each cards spaces are filled with plays and actions from the game, get a bingo while watching the game! All games have awesome prizes and boatloads of fun!

What Just Happened!?!?

Minute to Win it Games, Crazy Fun Meant for use as blackmail

You and your friends playing games and competing to win prizes all while doing some outlandish crazy stuff! Shave a balloon, Show off your oral skills, scramble your breakfast and then unscramble it. Sound crazy? Yep! You’re gonna have to see it to believe it!

This Trivia is actually fun!

Relevant Fun Trivia Questions, because we came to show how smart we are…even when were drinking!

Our Trivia Questions aren’t all about what year some old guy was born, we’re asking you questions about pop culture, name that tune rounds, movie quotes, and other fun stuff all mixed in with a little science and history… but only the fun stuff! Come Play with us, win really great prizes, listen to great music and have a good time… you don’t need to stay sober to enjoy our quizzes. AND come join us for our themed trivia nights too.

The Biggest Baddest Beats

All Shapes, Sizes, Varieties, Types & Genres

Vinyl, Computer, Controller, CD-J… We have it all AND our DJ’s take requests! We know that it’s your party and you want us to run it the way you want it. DONE! We have many DJ’s that specialize in many genres of music, take your pick!


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